The Manifestation

Ah, the Theory again..!

No matter what the media seems to be saying, or what National Geographic seems to be saying, not all Western scientists are buying the Theory of Evolution. Two or three decades ago the picture might have favoured Darwin but it seems that more people (especially educated ones) are using their brain after all.

I have once read an issue of the student newsletter of a university (reputed to be the finest engineering school in Europe) and this one particular article caught me by pleasant surprise.

And the article said more contemporary Western scientists are actually AGAINST the Theory, citing a number of the world\’s prominent as examples. The article started by saying that not one of the ideas of the Theory has been scientifically proven, and it went on to say that by deep observation alone (not to mention thorough scientific research) one can see that the living creature is not created by nature (or by chance, the fittest genes survive, or whatever you want to call it), but rather a majestic creation of One Entity not of human and not of Nature.

Which is GOD.

The example it brought up was a very interesting one (to me at least). An insect called the bombardier beetle. Trying not to go into the biological detail, this bug gets its name from tiny explosions it makes when under duress. And these explosions are the result of the mixing of certain chemicals, which has to be at very specific conditions and at very exact amounts.

All these complexity is just impossible to be created by chance!

If the Theory of Evolution was correct – the article went on – then the earliest bombardier beetle must be some beetle kid whose parents have bought him some kiddy chemistry kit for him to play with. And it must be that on one fine day he found the perfect mixture, after on numerous ones blowing up his home lab..!

Remember this is the saying of Western scientists!

What I’m saying is, even the non-Muslim intellectuals are starting to see the manifestation of God’s Greatness, through fields they are familiar with. Too bad we the Muslims are (again) being left out in these discoveries.

We agree with it because it says so in the Book. Or because the ustazs told us so. Or because we saw the first sunlight at the home of a Muslim family. But with even that we fail to grasp the full understanding and comprehension of the Deen, fulfilling its responsibilities.

Our move..!

[Too bad I’ve misplaced the Felix newsletter..]


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