Looks Can Be…

Lepas maghrib tetiba handphone bunyi. Nombor tak cam tapi angkat jugak.

“Hello, is this Raymond Lim?” Suara perempuan Cina.

Aku: “Er, no, this is not.”

Dia: “Is this 2*** ***?”

A: “Yes…”

D: “Zero-one-two?”

A: “Yes… ”

D: “Is this the guy who owns a white Wira, plate number W** ****?”

A: “No, this guy doesn’t own a Wira, or such number.”

D: “Oh, sorry. You see, we had a car accident…”

Rupanya semalam diorg baru accident. Bukan salah diorg (amoi ni dgn husband dia) katanya, salah perempuan yg bawak kereta satu lagi. Dah tu diorg tukar phone numbers. Dan rerupanya perempuan tu bagi nombor tipu.

Which incidentally turns out to be nombor aku.

Ntah-ntah Raymond Lim tu pun reference tipu.

D: “But how could she do such thing? She seemed so nice..?”

Amoi aa.. Nowadays not many people can be trusted, and never trust them by their look alone, ’cause…

A: “Looks can be deceiving, miss.”

D: “Yeah la. You’re right. What to do now?”

A: “Did you exchange addresses? That’s what people in this situation normally do.”

D: “Er, no la, we didn’t.”

One lesson for her.

A: “But at least you got the plate number right?”

D: “Yes, yes! Er, I think I know what to do. I’m gonna write to the Star about this, for them to publish the number!”

Sampai kena mcm tu sekali ke? Em, ok la kot… Up to her lah…

Dah tu we end the conversation. The last of which:

A: “So, best of luck with your searching ya?”

D: “OK, thank you aah.. Eh, next time you come to KL, give us a call lah. We’ll go for teh tarik ka..?”

Some people are nice and easy to be grateful.

Again: Looks can be deceiving.


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