An End

Lama jugak aku tak tulis. Inilah fatrah aku. Even Nabi (s) pun ada fatrah dia, tak? At least Ibnu Kathir kata cam tu dlm tafsir al-Duha. By the way ni bukan justification utk aku senyap selama ni.

[Fatrah = Period of silence]

Date: 28 Oct 2002
X-Mailer: Lotus Notes Release 5.0.3
Subject: Golden Years

Assalamualaikum En. M,

It has been about two wonderful years that I worked with Pemangkin editorial team. The environment has changed and opportunities have come, and now that I’ve seen the actual copy of Issue #012 I would like to call it a day with being an Executive Editor.

I have currently been assigned the tasks of Assistant Operations Engineer, which demands new challenges and involvement. I’m afraid I will not be able to dedicate my time to the editorial as I used to do. In addition to that I have also been appointed to be part of BAKIP sub-committee, and that would keep me occupied as well (along with the current Kelab Rekreasi sub-comm).

I am sure the current team (with the fresh faces) is more than able to do without me.

However I will presume my interest to contribute to the newsletter in any other way I can. As far as I can remember, I have not had the opportunity to be a contributor!

All the best with Pemangkin. And thanks for the irreplaceable experience.

Muhammad Akram

Mmg dah lama aku decided nak quit drpd editorial team. Bukannya hilang minat, tapi sbb simply banyak sgt kerja. Once aku nampak aje hard copy of issue #012, that’s it. Aku terus tulis resignation notice kat En. M, Editor-In-Chief kami. Dah tu dia reply, alhamdulillah with good feeling dia lepaskan aku. All the best dgn future aku, dia kata. Alhamdulillah, lepas satu beban drpd bahu. Harapnya boleh la editors lain ‘teruskan perjuangan’.

Tapi hari ni ada berita memeranjatkan pulak. En. M pulak nak resign, khabarnya! Sudah, ada kena-mengena dgn aku ke? Dan company management sibuk pulak nak cari pengganti. Mula la masing-masing speculate siapa nak ganti En. M. Sampai aku yg dah resign ni pun ada org cadangkan. Aku tak campur. Ana barii’un minkum, aku berlepas drpd kamu, hehe…


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