HE Is The Answer

Oh sometimes that which we want so much,
It is just not meant to be for us to touch;
But if we let the decree slowly pass us by,
And keep on asking and looking, with hope soaring high;
Our patience will be rewarded, something better than such.

Is not the heart, that which turns over?
A moment it’s alive, and another it comes to slumber;
Thus if one be untrue, truth lost down the stream,
A defiled pledge, a vanishing sweet dream;
Then why can’t this of ours, change and move, ever?

A time may come, tomorrow or further,
When no one seems to care, to love, to draw near;
Are we really lost, far and by our own?
While the beauty of the rose will come to wither,
His Love and Grace do not forever falter;
GOD is ever listening, and never leaves us alone.

ukashah  (2004)

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