A Japanese Typhoon


My first encounter with the notorious Japanese typhoon. From inside the hotel room, that was.

It was a Saturday, an off-day from our course. I’ve planned to spend today going to the Shinjuku area – the Metropolitan Govt Building, Takashimaya Times Square, the big Kinokuniya store – but Allah’s might is above all plans.

The weather was not too bad at 10 in the morning when I walked to the nearby pay laundry. Slow wind, light drizzle was all, albeit enough for me to bring out the brolly.

As I got back to the hotel room, performed the salat (Zuhr is around 11.30 am) and finished folding away the clothes, the rain had grown hard it pattered on the glass window panes. I switched on the TV and three out of the 13 are reporting something on the typhoon. Did not make complete sense since they are all in Japanese but the maps and visuals were apparently telling it.

Amidst all the Japanese characters on the weather-reporting TV there were the ’65 km/h’ figure being flashed (not that bad is it?). But there was also ’40 m/s’? Was it the wind? Now THAT’S bad.

Looking outside the window (at times it was so bad the panes vibrated within their frames) and it absolutely did not look good. One could see the gusts carrying away bundles of water droplets in an almost perfectly horizontal direction. The afternoon which would have on a finer day been bright now looked like dusk. The usually busy sideways were now empty, save one brave chap under an umbrella which I reckoned would be ruined in a few seconds.

I thus spent the rest of the day watching this Senator debating with this incumbent President. Oh what a Saturday.


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