New Assisgnments

At last Mark Fisher, mamat consultant DNV tu check jugak aku punya Unit 30 HUW report. About 4.30 ptg tadi dia panggil aku jumpa dia, a copy of my report dah ada kat tangan. HUW leaders lain dah bagi aku warning siang2 yg Mark ni mmg particular orgnya, so aku dah brace myself for a barge of comments.    To my astonishment, first thing yg dia tanya: “Have you been to the UK before?”

Alhamdulillah takde major issues atau correction kat report aku. Cuma yg dia point out dia mintak aku be more specific on the recommendations towards the end of the report. “You guys who attended the workshop know what they are about, but some other people who read it might not,” kata Mark. Betul, betul.

Bila dah sudah aku tanya balik: “You can tell, whether I’ve been to the UK or the States?” Sambil senyum, dia kata: “Quite easily.”

This new department is called PSM, Process Safety Management. There is quite a number of elements under PSM I wouldn’t have the space to tell all. It is not operations, it is not process engineering, it is not process troubleshooting or modifications. It is about identifying and managing the hazards related to the process. In other words, PSM is about keeping stuff inside the pipelines where they rightfully belong!

La ni dah dapat assignments. New year, new department, new position. Hence surprise, surprise, new assignments!

I’ll be expected to take up MOC (Management of Change), PSI (Process Safety Information) and DI (Design Integrity).

Heh, exciting times ahead…


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