To Be The Thankfuls

We had our company briefing today. It is a quarterly function where all the management and staff are gathered, company performance are reviewed and the CEO’s directions are shared. This poor yours truly was nominated to recite the opening du`a (prayers). I did ask Kak Zana to get someone else (since I have just filled the same role during Fred/Kamal’s farewell dinner) but she said the committee insisted.

Spent some time yesterday morning to compose the du`a, I wanted to make it meaningful as well as relevant. Hopefully the committee (and the company management) wouldn’t mind.

Now on the podium – even though I have recited the whole same du`a yesterday afternoon during the rehearsal – I could barely contain myself as I led the whole hall to the part that says:

O Allah O our Lord,

We have been given the gift of good health, while some others are unfortunate with sickness, pain and injury.

We have been given the gift of abundant wealth, while some others do not have the provision to live through the day.

We have been given the gift of togetherness and serenity in our families, while some others have lost their loved ones, and the ones they relied on.

Acheh Masjid

We acknowledge Your favour upon us O Allah, and thus, please make us among the thankfuls and none of the arrogants. Please make us among the loving, kind, generous; and none of the hateful, rude and miserly.

O Allah O our Lord, verily to You we belong, and verily to You we will surely return.”


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