Firefox Review


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Am currently trying out Firefox as my web browser. Read about it the first time in the PC Plus magazine, which mentioned it as an alternative to Internet Explorer.

(Almost) everyone knows how bad Internet Explorer is, the worst of its problems is perhaps the bad (veery bad) protection against adware, spyware, data miner and the likes. No matter how much protection and how many anti-virus/spyware programs you use, if you use IE nowadays chances are there would still be some kind of it lurking in your system.

So how is it? you ask.

With about one hour of usage thus far:

  • Speed-wise, I’d say it’s very good. Comparable to IE and better than Netscape.
  • Love the tabbed views (similar to Netscape 6) but those guys in Microsoft just couldn’t see the need to unclog our Windows Taskbar from an window taskbar buttons (helloo.. we are multi-taskers remember?).
  • No suspicious popup windows (symptoms of an intrusion but not always so), but of course an hour’s usage is not enough to justify anything much. I’ll have to use this browser longer.
  • The menu is structured much like IE (so old-timers would have little trouble switching), eg you immediately know where to find “Page Source”, “Bookmarks” (I hate the use of the word “Favorites”) and “Options”.
  • But there are a few more tricks up Firefox’s sleeve – “Page Info” for example tells a web designer like me what is related to a particular page – fields and forms, stylesheets, background images etc.. all without having to see the html codes.
  • A few other features I’m yet to explore – changeable visual themes, and “Extensions”, which makes Firefox virtually limitless in its potential.

All nice and neat? Not really, there’s a small hitch I saw. Viewing an online form, there was a slight misalignment of fields (which I guess should appear perfectly horizontally aligned in IE, but I haven’t really checked though).

As for the rest, I guess I’ll find out later. Would I recommend this to anyone else? Definitely. It is obligatory especially if they are at least in one of the following categories:

  • Those plagued by spywares and their nice cousins.
  • Those who hate Microsoft for whatever reason.

How catching is Firefox among the Internet community? Well it’s been about 3 months now after its release and an estimated 24 million have downloaded it.

Enough said. Now, let’s see if there’s any theme that matches my current Winamp skin…


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