Islam in Orlando


Quite surprisingly agak senang nak jumpa Muslims kat Orlando ni. Walaupun kat sinilah tempatnya org seluruh US (dan seluruh dunia) datang utk bersantai, bersosial, ke Disney World Theme Parks, ke Universal Studio.. In actual there’s a Muslim community of quite a size.

Ada beberapa Muslims aku jumpa. Apart from those kat Islamic Center of Orlando, there was Rachid working at our Holiday Inn, there was Zakariyya at the Premium Outlets, and the lady (whose name I forgot) at the souvenir shop.

The Orlando Islamic Center gives an indication that the Muslim community in Orlando is of reasonable size.

The Orlando Islamic Center

The Orlando Islamic Center

Nak cari restoran halal pun tak susah, our favourite was Slim (nama tuan kedai dia sebenarnya Salim!) Gyros. If one happens to be here, don’t miss their gyros kebabs or philly steak. For an occasional change of taste, ada a few halal Indian restaurants also.

I better stop before someone accuses me of promoting Orlando.


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