The Precious Two

The Precious Two

I don’t know if you went to the launching event of PPMSB Road Safety Campaign last week, but those who did told me they had a good time with the presentations and demonstration. Some even learnt that not all men in uniform with heavy moustaches are mean, but could actually be funny!

Them Polis also told us their Kaunter Saman was quite a hit with the visitors. I’m not sure whether this is good news or otherwise, but it was definitely worth their time coming here.

Driving pointer this time: The 2-second rule.

Ever looked up your rearview mirror and saw someone driving closely behind? Hundreds of times I reckon. Some follow so closely I suspect they want to see what brand of boxed tissue paper I put at the back. Some follow even more closely I suspect they need to check whether the sweets I keep in my car have reached their expiry date. Or do some people just derive an abnormal sort of pleasure by tailgating others?

Always keep a distance from the vehicle in front. No, the distance is not 2 mm or 20 cm. Not even 2 m, because it depends on the speed at which you move so spatial distance is not appropriate as a fixed guideline. A good guideline is stated in time and not in distance. Your physics teacher (who taught you about the tyre pressure before) should have told you that Time = Distance / Speed, so the faster you go and the longer the distance needed for safe braking, the time stays the same.

A good guideline is a minimum of 2 (two, dua, er, ni, erende, ithnaan, loro…) seconds. Just TWO SECONDS. It sounds small and easy but unbelievably many simply fail to meet this requirement. I had once personally seen a pile-up of 8 cars in LDP, I’m quite sure it could have been avoided had they all adhered to the 2-second rule.

So the next time you see someone following too fast too close, think: “Poor guy, he’s SO busy he can’t even wait for two seconds.”

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