Taking The Shock

I knew today was not going to be easy, so I braced myself for what was to come…

First of all, it had to be my car-pooling buddy Dino. Of course it was not a big surprise to him cause he knew my intention already, it was just a matter of time.

Then at the office I broke the news to my subordinates, those who made it to the office after the long Raya holiday at least — Tasya, Salam, Najah. Kak Nora was also there.

Yes expectedly they were all surprised. I sensed the worry: “What is going to happen to us after you leave?” kind of thing. And the morning was for all the explanation (and some assurance).

Then Abdullah Hassan came to see me. He knew. He asked me to stay. Why? So that I could replace him so he can go to Saudi Arabia.. 🙂

Then a rather peaceful afternoon, I even managed to conduct ECBA for Najah.

Then at 5 something got an sms from En Nazilan. En Sazali Hamzah the SGM Plant wants to see me. Hence I went.

It was a solid one-hour discussion. From 6 to 7. Mostly I did the talking. And to my surprise he listened. I mean he LISTENED. He made no effort to justify the situation or correct my opinion. Many times he agreed to my points and accepted those as things which the organisation has to improve.

Once I finished he told me about the reasons he himself stayed at PETRONAS. It was noble of him, wanting to improve the organisation as much as he could.

Then he requested (in a soft manner) that I reconsider my decision. It’s good to note that he was actually respecting my decision at the same time by emphasising that the decision is ultimately mine and he’s not forcing anything on me. There was a little negotiation (kind of). Of course I had to be nice and could not give outright and absolute rejection, so I mentioned that I have at least 3 months with the organisation and I may reconsider if things and situations change to my favour. We parted with him saying: “I hope we can continue the discussion.”

Right after I walked out from En Sazali’s office I noticed I had two missed calls.

One was from Mustafa Saharan and another from Nazri Abdullah. Apparently they were both in MCB, and were bickering whether what they just heard was true. Hehe, there went a further explanation.


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