The Little Things

When walking with a friend to lunch suddenly something which interested me came across our path. At once I stopped, bent down and stroked the furry thing – a fine white tabby cat. After a few strokes of the purring animal I looked up, ready to resume my journey, when I noticed the expression on my friend’s face.

Of utter amazement, his expression was.

“What?” I asked.

He did not answer, but he kept staring at me with that look, his mouth half open.

“What?” again I asked. And by now we were walking again. And yet again, my friend did not answer. But he had a smile on his face and he was shaking his head, as if saying: Unbelievable.

What is amazing about stopping and patting an animal? Is it so unusual to take a few moments off, go out of our path to enjoy the little things in life? Stroking a cat, admiring a flower, enjoying a scenery, smelling the coffee?

I pity people who choose to ignore these ‘little things’. I would like to ask them: “What are you after?”


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