Iftar with Bebudak Koleque


MCKK LogoHad iftar with my MCKK batch-mates – many of whom I haven’t met since SPM. Never mind the rain I had to brave from MidValley to the MCOBA building, but the event was quite something. Boy have they changed. And have they not.

If  I can recall correctly, these guys were there:

james, vyn, mat, jobong, paijo, epit (probably the most changed of all?), nahar, jit, pod, itik, sarly, yudi, nagyb, lan, cipun, rafi, waque, megat, nget, kudin, arip, bagaque, jacque, mohar, maddog, badak, KE, boroy, nenong, wanie, amar

ukashah a.k.a. pakgus

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