Two Friends And Two Hospitals

Went to visit Lynda at HUKM. She was not looking well at all we almost couldn’t recognise her. She was apparently struggling to speak to us – I and Khairul came in together as they allow only two visitors at a time.

After some prolonged fever, Lynda had a spinal infection which caused her to be temporarily paralysed waist down. That was made complicated by her being 8 months pregnant.

May Allah make it easy on her, and on her family as well.

"Oi! Your seat belt!"

"Ehm, excuse me Abang.. Your seat belt..?"

Four of us went to the hospital by taxi. I was quite surprised the driver did not wear the seat belt. This was in contrast with Miri taxi drivers who requested the passengers even at the rear to weat the belts.

At HUKM, I suddenly remembered something. An ex-classmate of mine is working here, as a doctor. I sent him some text messages, just trying my luck, he might be busy working anyway.

And soon he came. We had a lengthy chat at the lobby. Thanks to my colleagues for waiting. Of course, I had not seen him for about 17 years.

Mohd Zaki Haron. Or Zack as we called him then. Or Zacktron, because of his love of the Transformers and other animes. Now a medical doctor, who would have thought.

Oh, and a Jawa as well, like me.

Later that afternoon I had a shock message from my wife. Hannah was diagnosed to have a dislocated shoulder. She was playing by herself at home when she suddenly cried in pain. I quickly headed to UMMC (yes, two hospitals in a day) after a permission by the boss.

After some anxious wait, Hannah was finally discharged. The orthopaedist said it was not a dislocation (the first diagnosis was given by a GP), but rather a soft tissue injury. Hannah had to use a sling nevertheless to minimise the left hand movement. But it’s always good to be able to bring your loved ones home.

That’s one day for me.


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