It was up north that I and my family decided to go for a short break (taking advantage of the school holidays, what else). Firstly I have not gone to Langkawi for quite a while (the last being ’94 or ’95 for me, and never for my kids), and secondly we also have not visited Perlis for a couple of years.

On Thursday we made our way up, got at Maksu’s house in Kangar and stayed overnight. And got on the ferry the next morning.

Inside the ferry. Boy are the kids happy.

At Kuah jetty, all ready to go

We stayed at Mali Perdana Resort, a nice beach motel located at Pantai Chenang. Affordable, good location, decent facilities. Oh, and it’s managed by a friend of mine, Pn Harliyana Yahaya. So next time you make a booking, just mention my name to her and you might get a discount. Maybe.

Oh yes, the beach. The thing that we have to check out the moment we checked in (um, no pun intended). It’s a nice stretch where you don’t get too many people, so you’d appreciate the quiet and private time with the family.

Maryam and Hasan on the beach

Hannah and Maryam

Pantai Chenang, where we were

At this time of the year the waves are quite strong (‘beralun-alun‘ according to our northern friends) so we couldn’t get to play too far from the beach.

The waves at Pantai Chenang. Too bad I did not bring my surfboard with me.

I (3), Maryam (2) and Hannah (1) played who had the biggest footprint on the sand. No prize for guessing who won.

The next day (Saturday) in our rented car (RM 100 per day in a new Saga) we set out to explore Langkawi. Or whatever we could anyway. After having breakfast at Pantai Chenang we took the shore road northward, passed the Langkawi airport, and made our way to Gunung Raya. On the way we stopped at a lookout point with a nice hilly view. Well, to get to the ‘nice view’ we have to climb down a series of steep stairs. What with three little kids on tow we thought ‘No thanks, we’ll enjoy it from up here’.

At the lookout

There's some information tablet explaining the geological formations that we were (or rather what we could be) seeing. Apparently Hasan was not interested.

Then we got there. Gunung Raya is the highest point in Langkawi. I know, at 881 m it is not much as a gunung (mountain),  but there we were. At least it is higher than the highest point in Singapore. 🙂

A view from Gunung Raya

There’s an observation tower that we went up to get the best view.

Another view, this one from the observation tower

Yet another view from the tower

At the tower, Hannah unhappy and Hasan doesn't give a care

Why was Hannah unhappy? Good question. Because there’s a lot of creeping bugs on top of the tower. Well they are actually moths, quite a lot of them (with different kinds also) which somehow liked it up there.

Moth #1

Moth #4

Moth #22. I would like to think this one is an extremely rare previously-thought-to-be-extinct species, but no, I suppose it is not.

Afterwards, a must-see for the kids. What else. Animals. So we went to the Langkawi Wildlife Park, located near Kampung Belanga Pechah.

Hannah feeding a parrot


Feeding the ostriches. You want to be careful, with those long necks they might get a peck at you.

And Hasan with a rabbit

So that was one Saturday in Langkawi. The rest was just eating, strolling and a little shopping.

Sunday was about getting back to mainland. Ferry to Kuala Perlis (should have expected crowds and delays due to the school holidays), dropped by at Mak Tua’s house in Beseri for lunch (and afternoon siesta) before getting down south.


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