The Memories of PRU13

This entry is about the memories of PRU13 (the 13th General Election). Without going into too much detail, it would be sufficient to say that I played a small part in helping a candidate to win a state seat in Petaling Jaya. My role was mostly in media and communication, with also small parts in house-to-house visits to local voters during the campaign period.

There won’t be much words in this entry, but the images represent certain parts of the memories. Not all of them are from my own lenses – some are what I received from text and Whatsapp messages.


During Hari Penamaan Calon (Candidate Naming Day). Haniza Talha in the middle, the only woman candidate among the five for Taman Medan.

Masbak – my favourite taxi driver in KK, I later found out he was a staunch supporter of Pakatan Rakyat. Here he was proudly displaying the ‘Ini Kalilah’  button badge.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim giving a ceramah at Taman Dato’ Haron.

The draft outline of Haniza Talha’s report card – one of Media Team’s early assignments.

The electoral map of Taman Medan – a main reference to our campaign strategy.

Posters and banners! One of these was the design of our team…

At Karnival Kesihatan (Health Carnival) in Petaling Utama.

During a training session for Polling Agents / Counting Agents (PACA).


The polling centres of Taman Medan.

Samples of ballot papers (parliamentary of the left, state on the right).

The eagerly awaited results finally displayed at the Dewan Sivik MBPJ.

A victory for Haniza Talha!

YB Haniza’s Facebook message to the supporters upon her success in retaining Taman Medan state representative seat.

This cartoon depicted by foreign media captures the overall GE13 results.

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