4 thoughts on “Preparing for Mesyuarat Agung

    1. ukashah Post author


      It’s called MyLifeOrganized or MLO. It’s a to-do management app, I’ve been using it for a few years. I use the Android app as well as the desktop version so I can sync between the two.

      Have you tried the hafazan Excel? Hope you find it useful.

      Please send my salaam to your husband. I was with Idris House, SPM ’92.

      1. Aljo

        Yes i have tried the hifz planner n working diligently on it subhanAllah. The style works on me mashaAllah. Following the hafazan schedule, i also take the time to know the history of revelation of the surah and working on understanding word by word translation.

        My son is 4yo now, and planning to homeschool him, so i do refer to ur blog a lot now. InshaAllah hoping to implement the system on him too.

        My husband send salaam to u too. Coincidently he is also from Idris house, he is from batch 2000. He knows Sarly and Malino from ur batch.

      2. ukashah Post author

        Alhamdulillah, good to hear you are using the Excel table. All the best in your effort, and also in your plan to homeschool your son. Not many Malaysian Muslim parents homeschool their kids, so far. Should you want to know more on homeschooling, you may want to get in contact with my wife, she’s basically the planner, the headmistress and the teacher all in one. I’m just helping with whatever I can. 🙂 Please tell should you want to get in contact with her.

        May Allah bless your family.

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