My Gadgets


PalmOne Tungsten T5
PalmOne wifi card  | Kingston Elite Pro 2GB SD card  | Tungsten leather casing

I’ve been using the T5 since 2005. Battery performance is superb (and still is — I can go on for 3 or 4 weeks on a single charge). The features I use most are the Calendar, Tasks and Memos, but there are other nifty softwares which I installed and use often such as Palm Explorer, DataShield, Palm Quran (I can search for Arabic keywords) and Concise Oxford Dictionary (great for those whatchamacallit moments).

Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson C702
Sandisk 8GB M2 memory card  | Sony Ericsson MMR-70 FM Transmitter | Sony Ericsson HPM-90 Handsfree

A decent phone with all the necessary features, seemingly unlimited phonebook, a camera for that shot-of-the-moment, the Walkman to wind down in the LRT after a busy day at the office, Calendar (as a secondary to the Palm), Tasks, Notes. And an assisted GPS when I suddenly find myself in the middle of nowhere.

Other models I’ve had (in chronological order) since 2000: Panasonic GD90, Panasonic GD75, Nokia 3315, Nokia 6100, Nokia 6280, Sony Ericsson W660i


Sony Vaio VGN-C15GP/B
2GB RAM | VGP-BPS2C 7200 mAh Battery

My (not so) old faithful Vaio in Espresso Black, had it since 2006. Good performance, adequate battery life, fast graphics. The few qualms I have are the not-so-tactile keyboard and the big electrical adapter. The battery has been replaced with a higher capacity one after the old one just went dead one day.

Digital Camera

Nikon D40x
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6G II ED | Sandisk 8GB SDHC Card  | Toshiba 512MB SD Card

As my first digital SLR  it is simple enough for me to point-and-shoot yet adequately featured when I need to do that extra tweaking during difficult shooting conditions. The lens is part of the kit unit. Now that I’ve used the D40x I’ve noticed some of its limitations already (is that a hint for an upgrade?).

Previously used: Fujifilm FinePix F410


Garmin nüvi 205W
Toshiba 2GB SD Card

The nüvi has saved me a number of times since I had it mid-2008. Be it the spaghetti streets of KL, some unknown kampung roads (great for locating that kenduri kahwin — wedding reception — venue) or even when travelling in Singapore. The map is about 90% accurate I would say.


Leatherman Wave Multitool
Leatherman Bit Kit | Black MOLLE Sheath

Ever since I had my first Leatherman back in 2000, I have not found anything better. I’ve had a number of Swiss Army knives before, but Leatherman is way, way superior especially in terms of durability and versatility. I’ve lost that first Leatherman in Kelantan but I knew there was no turning back — almost immediately got myself a military black Leatherman Wave as a replacement.